How to to do it: Step 1: Go to: Click save, NOT run. And download it BUT DONT install yet and remember where you downloaded it too. Step 2: Go to: And download, unzip and install that. Step 3: Got o the one I said to Not install yet and now Install it. Step 4: Go to your Alien vs. Predator folder which should be under C:\Program Files\ Fox Step 5: Look for the new Icon which has a predator head named Auto Update and run it. Proceed with the install and then click yes when it asks you if you want to run Avp2. Step 6: Load avp2 and DO NOT PRESS PLAY, but press options instead. Where it says Comman-line-perimiters at the bottom type this: -rez AVP2P5 It is case sensitive (meaning CAPS matter) Now check the box ‘Always specify these command line perimiters’ And click ‘ok’ then click Play and then… Step 7: Click Multiplayer Internet Step 8: Pick a server Step 10: Enjoy playing online Avp2 again! :) :D Note: If you are using Windows Vista you need to install everything with Administrator rights. Note2: If you have this error code whenever you attempt to join a server; “your world version is different from the server”, Then simply download and install this: Which is the latest Avp2 Update, Enjoy :D

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