Step 1: Download M33_620 PRX Plugin by Torky Step 2:Extract m33_620.prx Beta with winzip or winRAR Step 3:Boot PSP into Recovery Mode and Toggle USB Step 4:Open seplugins folder on the root of your memorystick and copy the m33_620.prx file into the seplugins file. Step 5:Open game.txt located in seplugins copy and paste the line below into your game.txt then save it. ms0:/seplugins/m33_620.prx 1 Step 6:Now go to Advanced – Toggle USB (flash0) Open the folder vsh – etc – now backup your version.txt file to a safe place. Next you’ll need to download the 6.20 version.txt (links below) OR open your version.txt delete all the text and copy and paste the codes below then click save release:6.20: build:2740,0,3,1,0:builder@vsh-build6 system:46876@release:6.20,0×05000010: vsh:p6264@release:6.20,v46652@release:6.20,20081010:target:1:WorldWide Version.txt 6.20 After you have downloaded it copy the 6.20 version.txt into your etc folder if it asks prompts you “There is already a file with the same name in this location” choose Copy and Replace. Step 7.Now go back to Recovery Main Menu and select Configuration – and enable Use version.txt Step 8.Now back again and choose Plugins – and enable m33-620.prx [GAME] Make sure that “GAME plugins” are enabled in the Advanced – Advanced configuration options. Step 9. Exit Recovery mode, Run Peace walker and Enjoy PW on 5.00 M33-6!! Notes: This plugin

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