!!!!!!!!!!READ!!!!!!!!!!:Sorry for the quality, you can barely understand me, so please read this to know whats going on. I really want to get on ssbb wifi but whenever i try to get on i get this message and the error code 31020. I have already changed the channle on my rounter to 1 and my wii is connected to the router wirelessly.I have been to the wii shop channle online and i have played mkds and guitar hero 3 online with wifi. I have a linksys wrt54g router, the internet i have is maxiis, a local internet connection, its not as fast as brodband buts its its still very good. i live out in the country so that might be a problem. If anyone can help please put a comment on this video. If your comment does help me get online then ill add you to my ssbb friend roster. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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